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...we are the Rainbow Knights.

The Rainbow Knights are a group of fans (or a "faction") of the television show, Forever Knight. Many of the factions center on their members' interest in one of the show's characters. For instance, Nick Knight has his "Knighties" and Lacroix his "Cousins." Other factions have an interest in the relationship between two or more of the characters, such as the "Nick and Nat Pack" focusing on Nick Knight and Natalie Lambert, and "The Unnamed" centering on Nick and Lacroix. Many individual FK fans are members of more than one faction. (For more information on "factions" (also known as "affiliations"), go to FAQ Central on Mr. Happy's Forever Knight Page and check out the Affiliation FAQ.)

Some factions are not focused on any of the characters, per se, but instead are a group of people with some common interest which they bring into the Forever Knight context. For example, the "Glow Worms," who share an interest in the Celtic culture, the "Knights of the Cross," FK fans joined in Christian fellowship or the "FK Pagans," who are linked by a nature-centered spirituality.

The Rainbow Knights are gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered Forever Knight fans, along with their friends and supporters. Most of us are members of other factions as well, but have found we enjoy the opportunity to explore Forever Knight from a "queer" perspective.

And just what the heck is a "queer" perspective on Forever Knight anyway..?

 We have a discussion list. For further details and how to subscribe, click here.

We have a Gallery, a small one, with some of our favorite character combinations.

 Forever Knight web-sites with an element of "alternative" sexuality:
      Le Chateau des Nanettes   (Natalie & Janette)
      The NightHaven's Site   (Nick & Vachon)
      Unnamed Faction UnFAQ   (Nick & Lacroix)
      The UnSuited page   (Lacroix & Schanke) (It's only a teeny, tiny page, honest.)
      The Dark Trinity  (Nicholas & Lacroix & Janette)
      The Unholy Alliance (Nicholas & Natalie & Janette)
      The Unholy Trinity (Lacroix & Nicholas & Natalie)

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